How Fashion Inspires Hair Trends

Fashion and hair equally influence each other. Each season we new fashion trends and the newest hairstyles hit the magazines and red carpet, and perhaps you have noticed that when a new fashion cut, color, and style emerge, the newest hair trends reflect and complement.

So how exactly does fashion have the ability to influence hair trends? When we see the hottest fashions from high-fashion shows and respected fashion magazines, the designer styles his outfits with the hairstyles and hair colors that complement the outfit either by completely matching an ensemble or adding contrast and dimension.

Often times these hairstyles or hair colors are hard to be reproduced for everyday wear. The public and beauty experts take the hottest trends from the catwalk and as it “trickles-down” the styles are transformed and toned down for everyday wear. For example if the model is seen wearing dramatic choppy bangs, a hairstylist will give you choppy fringe that is toned down so they look appropriate for work but are still trendy and chic.

Stores, individuals, celebrities, and the ensembles seen in entertainment typically mimic a style that is commonly worn in fashion magazines or displayed by the most influential designers in the industry. People tend to take fashion and hair trends and adapt them to their personal preference by slightly altering them to fit their own style. Regardless of an individuals hair and fashion transformations they typically make sure that they complement one another.

It can also be noticed that the latest cuts in fashion influence the season’s hair trends. When you see a lot of asymmetrical designs on dresses and shirts, almost simultaneously asymmetrical bobs, or hair-do’s such as asymmetric braided up-do’s become the hottest ways to wear your hair. For this season vintage dresses have come back in fashion and at the same time vintage hairstyles have become a popular look for 2013.

This spectacle is a two-way street and hair trends can equally influence fashion trends as well. As soon we saw the explosion of ombre hair we also saw shirts, jeans, accessories, and leggings reflecting this obsession with ombre coloring.

Hairstyles and fashion are always evolving so that each year we can make bold new statements while looking effortlessly put together. There is undeniable and inevitable connection between hair and fashion trends. While the change in seasons brings a change in clothing and a new style it also brings the hair trends to accompany it. The fashion industry is sometimes overlooked for its overwhelming influence on pop-culture but one connection that is strong and visible is the inevitable influence fashion has on hair trends.

Optimising your Summer Look – How to Cultivate an Eye-Catching Hair Style

As a nation, we currently spend on more health and beauty products than we have done in any previous generation. This applies to both the male and female consumer markets, as both genders strive to make the most of their appearance and invest in the cultivation of a premeditated look. While skincare products dominate the market, female consumers also spend a considerable amount on hair products and accessories, primarily because the development of a sleek and unique hair style can serve as each individual’s aesthetic signature.

 eye catching hairstyle

How to Create the Ideal Hair Style This Summer


With this in mind, what practical steps can you take to refine your hair style and make a genuine  fashion statement this summer? Consider the following: –


  1. Seek out Expert Guidance and Expertise: Rather than plucking a hair style from the pages of a fashion magazine, it is far better to base your choice on core knowledge and understanding. Not only must you have an innate understanding of your own individual style, for example, but it is also crucial that you seek out advice from hair care professionals who understand how to turn an artistic vision into reality. This fact finding mission will help you to develop a clear understanding of your needs and the exact style that you would like to adopt.
  2. Capitalize on Advancements in the Hair Extension Market: Historically, hair extensions were considered to be fake and reflective of an unwanted celebrity trend. The advancements made in this market have been considerable, however, with extensions that have been fabricated from real human hair now widely available and increasingly popular in the female market. These products can be sourced online from retailers such as, and they enable you to adopt a stylish and unique look that appears entirely genuine.
  3. Invest in High Quality Accessories and Equipment: While you may consider visiting your local salon to be an enjoyable luxury, it can become expensive if you adopt a high maintenance hair style that needs regular attention. With this in mind, it is crucial that you are able to maintain your hair style effectively at home, using high quality accessories and equipment to protect its integrity and visual aesthetic. Once again, you can seek out professional advice when it comes to identifying hair care products and accessories, as this will ensure that you purchase the right tools for the job.

What Are The Options For Hair Transplantation For Women?

950089682[1]Have you ever experienced hair loss? The psychological as well as physical effects can be devastating, women are especially affected due to a hair loss as thinning hair or baldness is more common in men. According to the most popular centers for hair restoration in USA, almost 30% women experience some sort of hair loss or thinning with age. This means women may also be considered good candidates for transplantation procedures.

Causes That Lead To Hair Loss In Women

On an average, every woman lose about 50 to 100 hairs per day. Whether it is during the morning shower or giving a quick brush hair loss is quite normal. Most dermatologists are of the view that the normal daily hair loss can be replaced by new hair. But continuous loss of hair can be a sign of a serious medical condition that needs proper treatment by a dermatologist. Hormonal changes resulting from pregnancy, menopause and any other life changes leads to hair loss in women. The other major causes leading to loss of hair are:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hereditary hair loss
  • Iron Deficiency Anemia
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Excessive styling
  • Skin condition of scalp
  • Extreme stress

Hair Transplantation Options

There are a number of hair restoration options for women but follicular unit grafting has proved to be the most beneficial. This process allows hair regrowth naturally and involves little risk. Most dermatologists do not encourage women to use medications like Propecia and other supplements. The reason behind this is that very few studies have proved that women have really benefited from these products.

Follicular hair transplantation is considered the best hair transplant procedures in both men and women as it creates natural looking results.It is an effective procedure and works by dissecting a particular area of scalp that shows signs of healthy growth and transplanting it then into balding area. This form of transplantation results in natural growth and cause less damage to skin. Hundreds or even thousands of such follicular transplants can be transplanted so that it leads to natural hair growth within a few months. Follicular transplantation is a major advancement in hair transplant procedures that allows surgeons to manipulate carefully the skin on the scalp for producing natural looking results.

It is a dermatologist who can determine if the hair loss that a woman is experiencing is significant enough to be treated with a hair transplant. The best candidates for this procedure are:

Those who have high hairlines: Women with high hairlines have a stable hair growth and they are considered strong donors of hair as well as tissues that are available for hair transplant.

Those who experience diffuse hair loss: This kind of hair loss is not restricted to top of the scalp.

Those who have thin hair around mid-scalp region or crown.

There are a number of hair restoration options for women but Follicular hair transplantation is considered the best among them. It is also suggested to consult a dermatologist or a doctor who is specialized in the field of hair transplantation once you start experiencing hair loss. Take care of your hair at the earliest point of time whenever you face baldness of any type of hair loss, proper consultation is always preferred to prevent hair loss.

It is always suggested to consult the best hair surgeon in your area if you are experiencing continuous hair loss over a period of time. The internet can be the best place to conduct a search on the best surgeons in your area. Hair loss is an important indicator of your bad health, so if you are experiencing one talk to your dermatologist today.

Author Bio:
Alice Aires takes interest in studying about the latest procedures of hair transplant. She has a great deal of knowledge about hair transplantation in kolkata including the best surgeons.

Accessorising: Statement vs. Simple

When it comes to accessorising an outfit, your personal style really comes into play. Chunky statement necklaces are a huge trend right now and are everywhere on the high-street, whilst simple, classic jewellery seems to have momentarily taken a backseat.


That doesn’t mean to say that simple jewellery is now considered unfashionable though. A simple, delicate bracelet and matching necklace is always a classy option, particularly if you’re wearing a bold outfit. Bold prints and statement patterned trousers are everywhere at the moment, and if you’re embracing these trends it’s sometimes nice to let the clothes do the talking and minimally accessorise with some simple jewellery. Jewellers definitely do classic pieces the best, and the jewellery from H. Samuel is no exception, so it’s worth checking out if you’re on the hunt for something special. If you can afford to invest in gold plated, silver or even real gold jewellery then it’s a good investment; go for the delicate chains and simple styles and they’ll never date. Alternatively, more affordable simple jewellery is easy to get hold of online, and by choosing cheaper pieces you can afford to have a few different options.

Statement jewellery is probably more appealing to those who like to be head-to-toe in the latest trends and don’t mind having to throw away cheaper high-street jewellery once it tarnishes or breaks. A key piece to look out for is short, chunky necklaces that look great when worn under collared shirts or with a simple maxi dress in the summer. Cocktail rings and ornate earrings are always a good idea for dressing up an outfit with minimal effort, and there’s a great selection of both on the high-street. A good piece of advice is to not spend too much on high-street jewellery though. It can often be overpriced, we’re talking up to £40 for a necklace in some cases, and can easily break or tarnish, so be wary of how much you’re spending.

Of course, both statement and simple jewellery can be worn together to create a more eclectic, boho look. Try layering simple, delicate rings on both hands and add a statement necklace or cuff bracelet. If you have any real gold or silver jewellery, you can wear that too to change things up a little.  For both simple and statement jewellery inspiration, have a browse through this Pinterest board for some seriously pin-able accessorising options!

Kids Jewelry: It’s Bauble Time

kids jewelry

Jewelry has a remarkable effect even on tiniest of the creatures. It has the soothing calm of celebration and also a memoir building aura where the smallest moments of life seem larger than ever before. To gift jewelry, therefore is to not only encapsulate a certain moment in time but it is rather to also hold that moment out into the sun and see it dazzle for years to come. Jewelry is seemingly a very simple artifact that has the power to besiege memory. It is that turning point in one’s life when all the colors combine to form that perfect pair of earrings or a simple chain of uncharted gold which brings smiles instantly on the face of the bearer.

With the world of jewelry expanding each day, the realm of kid’s jewelry is now the most developing of its branches. The leading fashion houses of the world are now giving a very deep level of thought and concern in to the journals of kids clothing. They are treating kiddos to be the best faces of their designs. As much as clothes are perfected their perfect consorts can only be jewelry. For the little ones now the zone of baubles is teamed up with designs that are playful and stylish. They come along with the promise of creativity and finesse.

Luxury fashion is now a statement rather than a condition that has plagued the world. And jewelry is one of its fastest growing excesses. The role of jewelry has never been underestimated by the flanks of fashion rulers of our modern world. They understand its worth and necessity and also comply by transforming some of the vague notions of jewelry making into streams that demand a certain freshness in perspective and also provide a peep into the thought world of the creator.

Up on the charts is the shining new armor of kids’ jewelry. Although now it could be said that it is this field of jewelry making that has taken the fashion world by storm. It has created every imaginable source of bauble from kids’ rings to lockets to bracelets to anklets and earrings. You name they have it. The biggest client for every leading jewelry brand has also come to include our little toddlers who nourish style and fashion as much as we adults do.

From rabbits and cows to cartoon dolls and stars, from bubble gum miniatures to cupcake box lockets and from clouds and suns to palm trees and candy, there is vibrancy in design and patterns. They don’t shy away from the bold colors of neon with their catchy oranges and limes, nor do they make it up with pastels but come back along with mixtures of furs and beads DO not be surprised if you are dragged to a jewelry mart and asked for a bauble by your baby. Growing children are fascinated with art and colors more than anything else and if jewelry can denote that through miniature creations, let them collect some and flaunt them in style. Jewelry stands for emotions as much as it stands for the benevolence of gifting.

Let their birthdays be something of an adventure that set to embark on with their every changing sense of fashion. Let the baubles speak and shine.

Bio:  Kiara Mendis is an upcoming jewelry designer who is going to soon be launching her own line of kids’ jewelry specifically kid’s rings. She understand this to be the future of the jewelry market as the young ones are targeted to be their potential audience with a whole new set of taste and demands.

Basic Guidelines to Plan The Perfect Wedding!

wedding ring

Weddings are an occasion that we do not miss out on celebrating. It is that time of our lives that marks the start of a new phase, a new chapter. With weddings comes a plethora of preparations and to know how to plan out the perfect wedding, and one has to have the most important factors assorted. Weddings are not just any events but they are biggies when it comes to planning and execution. So to get all the steps right is the key. To plan out the perfect wedding is to get all in the steps in a manageable order. Here are a few basic steps to show you how to do it just right.

1. The Date and Venue:

The first and the most basic step is to decide on a date for the wedding. Make sure to choose a month where the weather is considerably pleasant and doesn’t offer you too much heat as its recourse. Also fix on a venue that is central to your residence locale and to those of the majority of your guests as it will help you avoid problems of traffic and other timing issues. Choose a venue that speaks out to you and your partner rather than just selecting one at random and the one usually available, since it is your big day you want to make it as yours as you can.

2.  The Dress:

How can any bride ever be patient about selecting her wedding garment? There have been stories weaved around the ceremonial marriage outfit which form a part of many traditions and cultures. The dress is what represents how the bride and the groom want to feel on their big day. Do not go hasty with it rather start on your hunt for your wedding outfit well in advance so that you can have a peek at everything that is on offer. As they say “Let the dress choose you”, rather than you choosing one.

3.  Jewelry:

From time immemorial jewellery has played a consequently large part of every culture and race in the world. It has spoken of feelings and emotions and has been a singular representative of the moments that are cherished forever as priceless memories. Be it diamond earrings or the uncut stones in traditional Indian neckpieces, jewelry and marriage go hand in hand, in the sense, that one is totally incomplete without the other.  Start searching for the perfect wedding ring or the traditional components of a jewellery basket as soon as you decide on your wedding date since these cannot be hastily bought and have to be invested in with care.

4.  The Guest List:

Sort out the guest list since you will have numbered people coming in. If you are looking for a grand reception or cocktail party post the ceremony, an additional guest list should be prepared for the same as well. Make sure both the bride’s and groom’s guest list include everyone from friends and family to the distant relatives who are to be invited and the guest list is according to your specific inclusions.

5. The Caterers:

Every successful wedding has something other than the bride and groom duo to make it special. And that additional factor is the food. Deciding on the menu should not be last minute affair but it should be well planned and thought of since it could make or break your day. Call in for professionals who allow you tastings of their food before you sign them up for the catering.

Plan a wedding that you are wowed by and let it tell its own story.

Bio:  Daniel Huff is a trained wedding planner by profession. He got his art from his mother who is also a jewelry designer who specializes in custom made diamond earrings. Weddings are for him a source of joy and splendour.

Finding The Perfect Dress For Eid: What To Look For In A Formal Dress


As Eid Al-Fitr approaches, Muslims all over the world are getting ready for one of their most important holidays.  There will be prayers and gatherings, fun and fellowship to celebrate the end of Ramadan and the glory of Allah.  If this is your first time attending a large Eid celebration, then you may not have the dress that you need to enjoy the most from the event.  With the right dress, you will have a lot of fun and enjoy your time.  Here are some hints to help you find your perfect dress.


Eid is a time when Muslim women like to show off their new clothing, and this is the chance for you to reveal what you have been able to find.  You want to start with a dress that has a striking color so that both you and the dress are memorable.  Good choices are pinks, tans and light blues because of the way that the color compliments the skin tone.  You do not want to go with a dress that is too dark and you do not want a dress that is too flashy.  Subtle, warm colors convey a sense of happiness and merriment that you want to show when you go to an Eid celebration.


The next thing that you need to worry about is the fit of the dress.  This is a time when traditional dressing restrictions are most closely observed, so you will need a dress that conforms to those restrictions.  The hem should go all the way to your ankles, but the dress does not have to drag the floor.  It must have long sleeves to cover you all the way to the wrist and there can be no visible cleavage.  The dress must be loose, meaning that it cannot be form fitting or tight anywhere on the body.  One of the best things to do in this situation is to buy a dress that is even a size larger than you would normally get in the bust area and make adjustments as needed.


Another thing that you will want to look for is a dress that either has pleats or panels in the skirt, since most of the Eid gatherings will include music and often traditional dances.  You want to be able to have the freedom to move around and enjoy the festivities, and pleats are the best way to do that, since your dress cannot have a slit in the side that might expose the leg.


You will need a hijab to go with your dress, and the best time to think about which hijab you are going to wear is when you are making your purchase.  It is recommended that you buy a dress that has an attached hijab since the hijab will be paired with the dress to maximize the coordination of styles and colors between the two garments.  The last thing that you want to do is find a dress that you love, take it home and discover that you do not have a single hijab that will match.


Remember that there will be a lot of people around, it is hot outside and you will be moving during the celebration.  You want a dress that is made with lightweight materials and a fabric that can breathe.  Good quality silk dresses are ideal for this type of event, but you can go with a cheaper material if budget is a concern.

Eid should be a fun time to meet people and celebrate your religious heritage.  When you go to the gathering with the right dress, you will feel very special and enjoy your time, rather than focusing on what would have happened with a different dress.

I am Zayba Ali, mother of four young women.  I wrote this article after my oldest daughter asked me for some advice on choosing her first Muslim dresses for Eid on her own.  I gave her some advice and pointed her to to find the best dress for her event.  She looked beautiful, and I highly recommend Artizara for women who need a high quality dress for special events.

Helpful Guide to Warts and What Causes Them

If you or someone you know is suffering from warts then the best thing to do is to get familiar with the basic things about warts. Once you know what are the different types of warts and their causes you can find the best treatment for them.

The most type of wart occurs in the form of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). HPV warts are the most common type of warts occurring on the skin but there are treatments through which it can be quickly removed. However, if neglected HPV warts can also lead to cervical cancer. HPV warts can occur on any body part, irrespective of their color, shape and size. Mostly they appear as circular, dark grey colored patches on the skin.

Another type is the plantar warts which appear mostly on sole of your foot. They are rough, round shaped and thick. It makes walking really uncomfortable. There are also flat warts which appear on face, neck, forearms and legs and are small flat rugged patches on skin.


The Filiform warts are the ones which appear around the nose and the mouth. These are often flesh colored and also have a thick layering upon them. Then there are Periungal warts which occur on the fingernails and the toenails and are in the form of irregular round shaped bumps. Then there are also genital warts which occur in the private parts of men and women. They are usually grey or flesh colored and look like a lump hanging from the skin of the genital parts. This type of warts is highly contagious and usually happens due to unsafe sex practices.

Though there are different types of warts, a successful application of similar methods and treatments can help in removing them. Some of the typical methods used today for warts removal are through surgery, burning with hot water, steam baths, and use of acids and even freezing the affected area with liquid nitrogen. There are also few essential oils and skin ointments made for the same purpose and save the patient from going for a surgery. Before going for any of these treatment methods, it is advisable to consult with a certified physician about the chances for existence of cancer. There are even some home remedies, like applying garlic paste and other natural oils which can show considerable improvements.

The medication for removing warts naturally can even be purchased for online stores. Generally the results start appearing within first few weeks and the patient sees a remarkable change in his/her health. With natural remedies against warts removal you can lead a good healthy life.

The Risk of Computer Viruses And Hospital Medical Equipments

With the multiple versions of Windows running on various types of medical devices these days, the threat of malware spreading the entire hospital is always looming. It is also a huge threat against the patient’s privacy and hospital track records. With the increase in technology driven equipments, the danger of corrupt equipments and accidental malware infections are always high.

The new kind of infection which is transmitted through the computer generated software is the malware infection. They can often pose a serious threat to the working of hospital medical equipments and eventually become a potential life threat for patients too.

Hospital medical equipments is subject to computer generated malware infections and mostly happens due to the using outdated versions of the operating systems. The most used obviously is Microsoft Windows, along with iOS and Linux.

According to a recent survey report by a technology firm, it was found out that there is a new malware signature in every half second. This happens due to the computer devices brought in the hospitals every day and which infects the software controlled equipments when they are connected to internet via any source. Also a system running multiple versions of Windows is more open to hacking.The Risk of Computer Viruses And Hospital Medical Equipments

The hacking attacks can become a very serious issue. The lack of technical security in hospitals is paving the way for it. Once corrupted, it will be difficult to regain the system back and malware can play with the hospital and patient’s medical stats, leading to wrong diagnosis and delayed operations. These security breaches often affects the operations like, cancelling patient’s exam, changes in glucose monitors, changed report in the MRI scans and even sudden breakdown during a complicated surgery. This problem of virus attacks can be blown to huge proportions when not only the hospital staff but also the equipment manufacturers aren’t able to fix the problem.

To get a fix on the situation, the manufacturers need to go through a certification process which updates their Windows to the latest version in use. Although there have been cases where the system was patched with the latest software but the problem of malware ceased to exist. Hospitals get a lot of malware infected mails in a day, through the suppliers of hospital medical equipments, the MRs, or any other party promoting its business; due to this the threat of malware infections increases to a new level.

A simple radiology workstation or an IV pump or echocardiogram machines are some of the common appliances which uses a lot data to generate reports. These machines are also the one which easily gets corrupted as they run on outdated software, like Windows NT or Apache 1.0. Even their manufacturers never thought of updating their devices as for so many years they were running fine. However, the process of taking these equipments away and fixing them may take a long time, which is the simplest reason why many of the hospitals don’t even consider them getting fixed and simply procure new equipments. However, these equipments are often bought by second hand market, restored and brought back to the hospitals, so the problem never ends actually.

How to Apply First Aid for Poisoning

poisoning[1]Poisons are toxins which can cause either temporary or permanent damage if they are taken into the body, more serious cases of poisoning can even result in death. There are a number of ways in which poisons can enter your body; the most common method is consumption – drinking or eating the poison, but poison can also be inhaled, injected or absorbed through the skin.

Once a poison has entered your body, it can quickly enter your bloodstream and be carried swiftly through your entire body and to all of your organs and tissues.

Recognizing that you or somebody you know have been poisoned is not always an easy thing to do. Some poisons display features which develop very quickly and would be noticed in a short amount of time, but other poisons can take a number of days to set in, during which time the casualty will not exhibit any features you would recognize as a result of poisoning.

There are many different types of poisoning; we have poisoning occurring from drugs, food, alcohol, insects, and even plants and fungi. Due to the large diversity of different types of poisons, giving first aid for these situations can be difficult. It’s important that if you ever find someone you suspect of being poisoned, you should immediately seek professional medical help to get a proper diagnosis.

So, how can you help in a situation like this?

If the person is lying down or asleep, try to wake them up and encourage them to spit out any pills they may have in their mouth – although it’s important that you don’t put your hand in their mouth, or try to make them sick as this could make things worse.

If you’re waiting for the emergency services to arrive, place the casualty into the recovery position so they don’t fall onto their face. Wipe their mouth clear of any vomit and keep their head pointing down – this allows them to vomit freely without breathing any of it back in or swallowing it. It’s also important that you don’t try to give a casualty anything to eat or drink if they have been poisoned. Just reassure them if they are conscious and wait for the emergency services to arrive.

What can you do to help the emergency service team?

The medics who arrive on scene will need as much information as possible relating to the possible cause of poisoning and the time factors. If you have any of the following information it would be of great use to the paramedics:

  • What substance the casualty took, and how much was taken
  • How long ago they consumed the substance
  • How the substance was taken (swallowed, injected, inhaled, absorbed)
  • The casualty’s age and weight
  • If the casualty has any existing medical conditions
  • Whether the casualty is on any medication


If diagnosed and treated quickly, most cases of poisoning don’t result in any long term or serious damage. So make sure that if you ever suspect somebody of suffering any type of poisoning, you should seek medical attention instantly – do not delay!

Author Bio: Alice has always had a soft spot for technology and gadgetry. When she is not busy with Aus Wide First Aid, she spends his time giving first aid advice, and sharing her passion for technology with others.