What to Wear to a Prestigious Casino

Some of the most coveted events are held at notorious land based casino establishments. These events are mostly formal which means that a certain dress code is required and guests who don’t follow the rules and standards, won’t make it past the front door. Luckily, there are loads of you can follow to ensure your night out at a prestigious casino isn’t a night of wardrobe failure, and ultimately, an early ending to a glamorous event.

So the question remains; what kind of event are you attending and what is the dress code? Here is a basic breakdown of what and attire to avoid and what is acceptable.

Women’s Clothes

Women have it much easier than men- almost everything is acceptable. The only thing a woman has to worry about is whether or not she is over dressed or underdressed. The most prestigious casinos often host elegant events which will require women to wear the following;

  • Evening dresses
  • Stylish

As long as a woman dresses conservatively and adheres to the dress code of the casino, she can wear just about anything. Accessories can be used to dress up a formal outfit, which allows women the advantage over men at almost any casino.

One plan essay writers would offer at least six choices, and the other, at least nine.Men’s Clothes

The most elegant casino events usually announce whether or not they are hosting white or black tie evening. The difference with a black tie and white tie event is minimal, but guests can expect a white tie event to be more formal than that of a black tie event.

Casino goers will most likely be invited to black tie events as white tie events are less popular among public crowds as they are usually by invitation only.

White Tie

  • A dress coat with tails
  • White shirt
  • Cufflinks
  • White bow tie
  • White gloves
  • Black shoes and socks

Black Tie

  • A white shirt
  • Black bow tie
  • Evening waistcoat
  • Dinner jacket
  • Black shoes and socks

Another tip for men is to stay away from shorts, slops or sandals, or vests and caps when visiting prestigious casino establishments. However, there are some upper-class casinos that actually allow their guests to dress more casual than formal. It is recommended that you contact the casino prior to attending an event. Alternatively, you can skip the entire process and in your PJ’s. You never know, you might just become the next online millionaire and nobody would care about what you wore to a prestigious casino.