Top Five Critiques on Your Current Diet Fad

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There are just so many diet plans and programs that littered the internet, the clinics and even your friend’s advice. They’ll ask you to do this, change that, remove this, you’ll go crazy after. But we cannot discount the fact that these may be working, but at some point, they might not.

Fad diets are those that may be popular now but may not be tomorrow. Many of these fads though may stand time a little longer if given the chance to be modified for a healthier choice. You add a few fitness routine, another determined workout in the gym and the sexy body you might just be dreaming yesterday might be yours tomorrow, the next week or the month after.

There are just so many reasons why you should avoid fad diets, in the first place. These reasons go:

  1. Fad diets will get you to gain weight after you stop the diet. It will recoil thus your hard work in the past may look like nothing in the end.
  2. Your metabolism is altered. Because you have a different kind of food in different schedule, then you probably will have some negative effects later.
  3. You may have some nutritional deficits. As you try to starve yourself of some kind of food, you will realize that your body may start to weaken.
  4. You loss muscles and your hair too. This may happen if you go out of the proper nutritional required food specifically if you lacked protein.  You will lose some energy as well.

The Fad Diets and Their Not So Good Effects

So the diets that will be enumerated here are some popular ones. So they may not encompass every diet to grace the human consciousness, still they’re worth the read.

  1. Atkins Diet. Everybody heard or has tried Atkins Diet, probably. It is a low carb diet with a high protein feature. It is a quick fix, meaning if you followed it religiously you’ll get your desired effect quickly. But the darker side is, cutting on carbs may result to constipation. Bad breath as well as dry mouth is also a reason to avoid this diet. High intake of saturated fat also is bad for the heart.
  2. Dukan Diet. As with the Atkins diet, Dukan is also low on carbs and high in protein. But then it limits your fat intake. Same side effects such as bad breath and dry mouth as well as dizziness can be experienced from Dukan diet. Dabei bercksichtigen wir natrlich alle wnschen von der gliederung bis hin zur literatur, sodass wir order custom essay die anspruchsvollsten wnsche umsetzen. Nausea as well as insomnia is also possible.
  3. South Beach Diet. It’s a diet that focuses in low GI. Three meals a day plus two snacks is a feature of the plan. It promotes gradual weight loss but in a span of two weeks. The phase one of the diet is the phase wherein you will feel weak because you missed out on some necessary vitamins and nutrients. It has the same side effects as the above too diets.
  4. Cambridge diet. It is a kind of diet wherein you get to replace your usual meals with other products. The replacement is consist of bars, soups as well as shakes. It may induce bad breath, dizziness and tiredness and some may not find the right motivation to stick to it as it may be boring after some time and isolates you socially.
  5. Slim Fast Diet. It makes use of a range of product with the same name. It replaces meal with low calorie products. This might be good only for those with a BMI of 25. It is hard to get a fruit for 5 a day as well as veggies. The diet needs careful planning and there is a big tendency that you may gain back the weight once you started to stop the diet.

How to Stay Healthy Instead of Dieting

You’re diets shouldn’t deprive you of all the necessary nutrients that your food should have. An incorporation of fruits, avoidance of fast foods, and avoidance of fats can be good way to a healthier diet. Why not try organic products?

A good fitness regime can also be a good supplement to your diet and weight loss goals. Make it a routine and you will be rewarded in the end. A good workout beats the short term benefits of fad diets. And I guess by now, you already know that. Have a safe and healthy diet!