The Most Valuable New Words to Learn When Moving to Australia

One of the great things about going to Australia is that there is no need to learn an entirely new language before you leave home. Having said that, there is still every chance that you are left scratching your head at times as you try to work out what on Earth people are talking about.

There are many unique Australian expressions that you might never have come across before, while you may be familiar with some others. The following are some of the most intriguing words that you are likely to hear once you get Down Under.


This is the word that is used to describe the English language as it is spoken by the locals here. It is also used to refer to the Australian accent.

Some people use this word when referring to a strong accent or someone who perhaps sounds a little bit rough. However, it isn’t automatically seen as either a negative or positive word by everyone, as how it is used will reflect whether it is being used in a good or bad way.


If you spend some time in Australia then there is a good chance that you end up sharing the national passion for sport. In this case, you will find that the word “barrack” comes in useful a lot of the time.

While this word has some different meanings in other parts of the world, for Australians it means to support a team by cheering them on. If you are thinking of then the lure of a lifestyle filled with sport, outdoor fun and some barracking could be waiting for you.

Banana Bender

Those newcomers to Australia who are moving to the state of Queensland are about to become banana benders. This is because the term is used to light-heartedly refer to people from this state.

The reason for this name being used goes back to the amusing idea that people who live in Queensland bend bananas to give them the right shape. This state has a long and proud association with banana growing, Brisbane is sometimes called Banana City and you can even there.

Fair Dinkum

The chances are that you have heard the phrase “fair dinkum” at some point. You might think that it is a phrase that only an over the top film character like Crocodile Dundee would use.

However, this is still a proper and much-loved way of confirming that something is true or genuine. Indeed, a few years ago an when flight stewards mis-heard this phrase as being a swear word.

Back of Bourke

If something is a long, long way away in Australia then it can be found at the Back of Bourke. The phrase comes from the location of the remote town of Bourke; the legendary Back of Bourke would be an even more remote place beyond here.

Once you get here you will realise that it is a vast country which offers you almost limitless possibilities for travelling and exploring.

The Lucky Country

Millions of migrants who have made Australia their new home over the years would agree that it is indeed a lucky country. When you start to look for you may very well get the feeling that something special is waiting here for you.

In this case, the phrase can be traced back to author Donald Horne. Since then, it has been used to describe the good fortune that is enjoyed Down Under in terms of the weather, the food, the lifestyle and so many other facets of life.


This simple little word offers you an easy way to speak your first true Australian phrase after you get here. Arvo is simply an abbreviation of afternoon and reflects the Australian love for shortening and simplifying words as much as possible.

The arvo is when you might decide to head down to the beach, go for a jog or maybe invite a few of your new friends and neighbours round for a barbie. As a result, they say, 23 of the 89 novelist districts in the state were eliminated even before the disparity test was applied, and the department unfairly labeled new mexico as an equalized state. It is easy to live the good life here and enjoy living in a very special place in the world.

It is sure to be a wonderful experience when you travel to Australia and get to try out these phrases for real. Whether you are here for a holiday or to start a new life, the unique Australian words and phrases will help to add to the feeling of being somewhere different and exciting.