How Many Suits Should a Man Own?

Men’s suits are usually a combination of jacket and trousers. There are a several types of suits that can be used in different occasion and gatherings. Business suits are the most common types of suits. Rules of wearing one is more strict. According to , a man doesn’t need to invest in a wide range of suits in his closet but since there’s a lot of life’s activities to attend to, you have to have at least one suit that fits you.

Deciding on how many suits a man should own depends on two factors– standard of living and profession. One’s lifestyle contributes as to how many suits the man should own. Most professions that are in line with what you call white collar jobs such as a lawyer, sales professional, businessman and the like usually require one to wear suits. A lawyer, for example, needs a number of suits to rotate for a week work. On the other hand, a massage therapist might not need as many suits.

Depending on the budget and urgency, below are some ways to guide you in buying a suit.

  1. Tailorfit or Personalized Suits

A tailor can customize your suits based on your preferences. You choose what fabrics to use and the designs that provide you the best fit. The tailor can also create patterns based on your measurement. To have this made, you need to do some fittings. Then, you can come back after a few weeks to bring the suit home. Buying a nice pair of suits is an investment; give you a perfect fit and a value for your money.

  1. Massproduced or Readytowear Suits

Ready-to-wear suits are usually done in factory or shops where customer’s sizes are pre-determined. The designs are cut using the standard sizesmall, medium, large, and extra-large Q so the next year you began to implement feng shui in earnest. and a pre-made pattern. The customer chooses right away and brings home the one that fits him. Since they are mass-produced, readytowear suits are more affordable than bespoke and made to measure suits. However, problems with fitting cannot be avoided despite improvements in details and quality of these suits. In some cases, the customers have the suits altered to fit their preferences. Readyto-wear also offers a limited and design.

  1. Made to Measure and Bespoke Suits

These are similar to readytowear suits but with the option of alteration. After the customer chooses a suit, the sales personnel gathers information about customer measurement and preferences, specifically on the cut, design, and fabric. Then, the suit is sent back to the company for alteration. After a week, the customer comes back to the store and brings home the suit with his personal dimensions. Made to Measure suits usually have a better fit and are often original.


Having a number of suits in your drawer is useless if then don’t fit you and your lifestyle. It’s better to have few suits that fit and serve their purpose. Choose your investments wisely.