How Fashion Inspires Hair Trends

Fashion and hair equally influence each other. Each season we new fashion trends and the newest hairstyles hit the magazines and red carpet, and perhaps you have noticed that when a new fashion cut, color, and style emerge, the newest hair trends reflect and complement.

So how exactly does fashion have the ability to influence hair trends? When we see the hottest fashions from high-fashion shows and respected fashion magazines, the designer styles his outfits with the hairstyles and hair colors that complement the outfit either by completely matching an ensemble or adding contrast and dimension.

Often times these hairstyles or hair colors are hard to be reproduced for everyday wear. The public and beauty experts take the hottest trends from the catwalk and as it “trickles-down” the styles are transformed and toned down for everyday wear. Alle interessierten sind herzlich eingeladen an den workshops teilzunehmen allen essay schreiben lassen voran steht die ehrlichkeit gegenber sich selbst und anderen. For example if the model is seen wearing dramatic choppy bangs, a hairstylist will give you choppy fringe that is toned down so they look appropriate for work but are still trendy and chic.

Stores, individuals, celebrities, and the ensembles seen in entertainment typically mimic a style that is commonly worn in fashion magazines or displayed by the most influential designers in the industry. People tend to take fashion and hair trends and adapt them to their personal preference by slightly altering them to fit their own style. Regardless of an individuals hair and fashion transformations they typically make sure that they complement one another.

It can also be noticed that the latest cuts in fashion influence the season’s hair trends. When you see a lot of asymmetrical designs on dresses and shirts, almost simultaneously asymmetrical bobs, or hair-do’s such as asymmetric braided up-do’s become the hottest ways to wear your hair. For this season vintage dresses have come back in fashion and at the same time vintage hairstyles have become a popular look for 2013.

This spectacle is a two-way street and hair trends can equally influence fashion trends as well. As soon we saw the explosion of ombre hair we also saw shirts, jeans, accessories, and leggings reflecting this obsession with ombre coloring.

Hairstyles and fashion are always evolving so that each year we can make bold new statements while looking effortlessly put together. There is undeniable and inevitable connection between hair and fashion trends. While the change in seasons brings a change in clothing and a new style it also brings the hair trends to accompany it. The fashion industry is sometimes overlooked for its overwhelming influence on pop-culture but one connection that is strong and visible is the inevitable influence fashion has on hair trends.