Helpful Guide to Warts and What Causes Them

If you or someone you know is suffering from warts then the best thing to do is to get familiar with the basic things about warts. Once you know what are the different types of warts and their causes you can find the best treatment for them.

The most type of wart occurs in the form of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). HPV warts are the most common type of warts occurring on the skin but there are treatments through which it can be quickly removed. However, if neglected HPV warts can also lead to cervical cancer. HPV warts can occur on any body part, irrespective of their color, shape and size. However, essay writers such an explicit subjective form seldom occurs in. Mostly they appear as circular, dark grey colored patches on the skin.

Another type is the plantar warts which appear mostly on sole of your foot. They are rough, round shaped and thick. It makes walking really uncomfortable. There are also flat warts which appear on face, neck, forearms and legs and are small flat rugged patches on skin.


The Filiform warts are the ones which appear around the nose and the mouth. These are often flesh colored and also have a thick layering upon them. Then there are Periungal warts which occur on the fingernails and the toenails and are in the form of irregular round shaped bumps. Then there are also genital warts which occur in the private parts of men and women. They are usually grey or flesh colored and look like a lump hanging from the skin of the genital parts. This type of warts is highly contagious and usually happens due to unsafe sex practices.

Though there are different types of warts, a successful application of similar methods and treatments can help in removing them. Some of the typical methods used today for warts removal are through surgery, burning with hot water, steam baths, and use of acids and even freezing the affected area with liquid nitrogen. There are also few essential oils and skin ointments made for the same purpose and save the patient from going for a surgery. Before going for any of these treatment methods, it is advisable to consult with a certified physician about the chances for existence of cancer. There are even some home remedies, like applying garlic paste and other natural oils which can show considerable improvements.

The medication for removing warts naturally can even be purchased for online stores. Generally the results start appearing within first few weeks and the patient sees a remarkable change in his/her health. With natural remedies against warts removal you can lead a good healthy life.