Finding The Perfect Dress For Eid: What To Look For In A Formal Dress


As Eid Al-Fitr approaches, Muslims all over the world are getting ready for one of their most important holidays.  There will be prayers and gatherings, fun and fellowship to celebrate the end of Ramadan and the glory of Allah.  If this is your first time attending a large Eid celebration, then you may not have the dress that you need to enjoy the most from the event.  With the right dress, you will have a lot of fun and enjoy your time.  Here are some hints to help you find your perfect dress.


Eid is a time when Muslim women like to show off their new clothing, and this is the chance for you to reveal what you have been able to find.  You want to start with a dress that has a striking color so that both you and the dress are memorable.  Good choices are pinks, tans and light blues because of the way that the color compliments the skin tone.  You do not want to go with a dress that is too dark and you do not want a dress that is too flashy.  Subtle, warm colors convey a sense of happiness and merriment that you want to show when you go to an Eid celebration.


The next thing that you need to worry about is the fit of the dress.  This is a time when traditional dressing restrictions are most closely observed, so you will need a dress that conforms to those restrictions.  The hem should go all the way to your ankles, but the dress does not have to drag the floor.  It must have long sleeves to cover you all the way to the wrist and there can be no visible cleavage.  The dress must be loose, meaning that it cannot be form fitting or tight anywhere on the body.  One of the best things to do in this situation is to buy a dress that is even a size larger than you would normally get in the bust area and make adjustments as needed.


Another thing that you will want to look for is a dress that either has pleats or panels in the skirt, since most of the Eid gatherings will include music and often traditional dances.  Sydney is beautiful, what I can see is that sydney is beautiful or in my opinion, sydney is. You want to be able to have the freedom to move around and enjoy the festivities, and pleats are the best way to do that, since your dress cannot have a slit in the side that might expose the leg.


You will need a hijab to go with your dress, and the best time to think about which hijab you are going to wear is when you are making your purchase.  It is recommended that you buy a dress that has an attached hijab since the hijab will be paired with the dress to maximize the coordination of styles and colors between the two garments.  The last thing that you want to do is find a dress that you love, take it home and discover that you do not have a single hijab that will match.


Remember that there will be a lot of people around, it is hot outside and you will be moving during the celebration.  You want a dress that is made with lightweight materials and a fabric that can breathe.  Good quality silk dresses are ideal for this type of event, but you can go with a cheaper material if budget is a concern.

Eid should be a fun time to meet people and celebrate your religious heritage.  When you go to the gathering with the right dress, you will feel very special and enjoy your time, rather than focusing on what would have happened with a different dress.

I am Zayba Ali, mother of four young women.  I wrote this article after my oldest daughter asked me for some advice on choosing her first Muslim dresses for Eid on her own.  I gave her some advice and pointed her to to find the best dress for her event.  She looked beautiful, and I highly recommend Artizara for women who need a high quality dress for special events.