Accessorising: Statement vs. Simple

When it comes to accessorising an outfit, your personal style really comes into play. Chunky statement necklaces are a huge trend right now and are everywhere on the high-street, whilst simple, classic jewellery seems to have momentarily taken a backseat.


That doesn’t mean to say that simple jewellery is now considered unfashionable though. A simple, delicate bracelet and matching necklace is always a classy option, particularly if you’re wearing a bold outfit. Bold prints and statement patterned trousers are everywhere at the moment, and if you’re embracing these trends it’s sometimes nice to let the clothes do the talking and minimally accessorise with some simple jewellery. Jewellers definitely do classic pieces the best, and the jewellery from H. Samuel is no exception, so it’s worth checking out if you’re on the hunt for something special. If you can afford to invest in gold plated, silver or even real gold jewellery then it’s a good investment; go for the delicate chains and simple styles and they’ll never date. Alternatively, more affordable simple jewellery is easy to get hold of online, and by choosing cheaper pieces you can afford to have a few different options.

Statement jewellery is probably more appealing to those who like to be head-to-toe in the latest trends and don’t mind having to throw away cheaper high-street jewellery once it tarnishes or breaks. Expectations, and hence engage readers at the expense of write essay interpersonal cost..A key piece to look out for is short, chunky necklaces that look great when worn under collared shirts or with a simple maxi dress in the summer. Cocktail rings and ornate earrings are always a good idea for dressing up an outfit with minimal effort, and there’s a great selection of both on the high-street. A good piece of advice is to not spend too much on high-street jewellery though. It can often be overpriced, we’re talking up to £40 for a necklace in some cases, and can easily break or tarnish, so be wary of how much you’re spending.

Of course, both statement and simple jewellery can be worn together to create a more eclectic, boho look. Try layering simple, delicate rings on both hands and add a statement necklace or cuff bracelet. If you have any real gold or silver jewellery, you can wear that too to change things up a little.  For both simple and statement jewellery inspiration, have a browse through  for some seriously pin-able accessorising options!