5 Ways to Take Your Yoga Practice to the Next Level

One of the many benefits of yoga is that you can literally do it anywhere. More than just an asana (the physical practice of yoga postures), yoga is about breathing, relaxing into the present, and gaining flexibility not just in your body, but in your mind. If you’ve been practicing yoga for awhile, and you’re looking re-inspire your practice, these tips are a good starting point for plugging new energy into your practice.


5 Ways to Reinvent Your Yoga Practice This Year

Upgrade Your Yoga Gear

Let’s be clear: to practice yoga you do not need the best (read: $$) in yoga clothing. Heck, one of the best ways to practice is at home, in your underwear. So while you don’t need the latest in high fashion yoga trends, there is a certain level of motivation that comes with wearing a nice pair of yoga pants. You can move better when you’re not constantly having to re-adjust your pants. We love yoga pants in breathable, anti-odor fabrics, such as bamboo. Cariloha’s black athletic leggings are made from Viscose from bamboo for the ultimate in moisture-wicking, comfortable, and let’s be real…totally flattering yoga pants.

Create a Yoga Space

If you are throwing down your mat anywhere you have room in your house, then this pointer is for you. Begin with setting out a specific space. This doesn’t require much room—it can be in your living room. Find a small, low table or stump and create an intentional space for your yoga props, incense or essential oils, and a candle. This is also a great place to keep crystals, a special photo, or something that inspires you to practice, such as a meaningful-to-you quote. Having a nook carved out just for your yoga practice is essential to creating an intention within yourself to continue practicing.

Take a few classes

If you’re strictly an at-home yogi, think about taking a few classes at a studio. For those on a budget, many yoga studios offer donation-based classes. Commit to just one yoga class per month. And don’t be afraid to branch out! If you’ve always practiced Ashtanga, for example, consider another type of yoga. Having fun with a new class is a sure way to re-inspire your practice and take it to the next level.

Take a Yoga Workshop

Invest a little into yourself and your yoga practice, and take a yoga workshop. Studios often have events featuring visiting yoga teachers, or intensive day-long classes on parts of the body, such as a workshop for lower back pain or breathing. Exploring a deeper level of knowledge often creates a renewed sense of passion for the yoga practice.

Turn up the volume and play

One of the best ways to lose yourself in yoga is to lose yourself in music. Turn on some inspiring music, blindfold yourself if you’d like, and dim the lights. Simply move your body however it feels good…a true Vinyasa practice. There’s not really any wrong way to do this…just follow your breath and your body’s desire to move.