3 Modern Day Essentials for Your Wedding Trousseau

Traditionally, a bride’s or to-be bride’s trousseau consisted of all the things her parents bought her in order to start her new life at her husband’s home. Things she would need to start life as a married woman, to look after the home while she settles in and to look after herself without asking for anything. Trousseau items ranged from everything to clothing to linens to house hold items to jewellery. While the concept of a traditional wedding trousseau still exists in many cultures, it has also taken on a fun, new contemporary spin.

Brides today opt to make a great trousseau filled with new goodies for them to enjoy once they are married. They are handy essentials to survive the busy days of newly wed life in a modern day setting. And while purchasing the traditional elements of a trousseau are always enjoyable and let’s face it pretty handy, you can have some fun and put your very own spin on it too!

Here are a few jumping off points to get you started on your very own bridal trousseau –

  1. Chic Clothes & Accessories – Yes, getting married definitely doesn’t mean you cant go shopping again. But what you can be sure to expect is a lot of socialising once the wedding is over. From parties thrown in your honour to gatherings with the family, there is probably going to be a lot of dressing up to be done. So why not include some stylish and chic new clothing to your trousseau and be prepared. Whether it is traditional wear or a pair of designer jeans, it is also a good time to give yourself a little leeway and spend on something you really love. Buy things you would actually use, for some it may be formal evening dresses for others a new pant suit. You pick what works for you.

Don’t forget to throw in some beautiful accessories as well. Jewellery has always been a common feature in a bride’s trousseau in many cultures. It is a good time to invest in classic pieces like princess cut diamond earrings, a pearl necklace, a good watch and the like. Or maybe the pair of designer shoes you have been lusting over but been too guilty to spend on?! Create a good mix of versatile pieces and you will have fun shopping in your wardrobe post the wedding!

  1. Goody Bag for the Honeymoon – Once the wedding is over, it will be time for the much awaited honeymoon. So why not include things you will need for that awesome holiday as well. You can put in stuff you actually need for the trip like swimsuits and sun-block or products just for the two of you  to enjoy like massage oils, scented candles, pretty lingerie and more. This is one goody bag you can have the most fun preparing and shopping for!
  1. Passion product – This passion is not of the honeymoon variety but something related to a hobby or activity you are passionate about! Purchase something for yourself to enjoy and de-stress with once the hectic days of the wedding are over. It could be a new diary to write in, a book you have been wanting to read, a spa kit, a new movie DVD, or a new camera to experiment with etc. Give yourself a little something extra to look forward to when you open your trousseau box or bag!

Don’t forget to pack your trousseau items in a beautiful bag, trunk or other kind of packaging…Keep in mind that you will need access to the target phone to be able to install the freelancer spyware.it makes it even more special!


Manjari Kamat is a jewellery designer and a writer of lifestyle features. She says that diamond jewellery like princess cut diamond earrings and gemstone bracelets are all the rage with brides today. She also assists with brides putting together their wedding look.